The Value of Owning an Up-and-Coming Franchise

Go to almost any place in the United States and you’re bound to come across a franchise you’ve seen in another part of the country. We can easily think of the big ones that are everywhere: KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, 7-Eleven. 

Success in one location leads to dreams of big revenue and the idea that success can be repeated somewhere else. When done right – with a proven formula within the market and attention to detail – a franchise is possible.

Starting a restaurant business from scratch is hard work. It’s more than just brick-and-mortar and a staff that slings tasty hash. You must figure out the concept, the menu, the brand, the marketing, and so much more. You also need to find out if the market where you want to build can support the business: What’s the traffic like? The accessibility? Who’s the established competition, and is there room for one more? What’s the chance of success?

This is why it makes sense to start with a franchise: A lot of the hard work has already been figured out. Buying into a restaurant franchise cuts out all the difficulty of creating a restaurant from the ground up. Foundational issues have been solved: The overall franchise model already has its research done, its menu, branding elements, furniture, kitchen equipment, etc. mapped out.

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New Food Franchises Are Winners

Some franchises are global in nature. Others establish themselves at the national, state, regional, and city levels. For those who want to own a successful franchise, you want to be part of a movement that still can surprise and delight the market.

Think of it – how often do you see brands with worldwide recognition opening new locations in your area? Probably not often because they’ve already built out a ton of locations within a region.

This is why up-and-coming franchises are the ones to keep an eye on and rate highly for your investment.  A variety of factors give new franchises an edge over the major players: 

  • They are unique (so they stand out more to the local population).
  • They don’t have the same geographic limitations as the brands that have long since overwhelmed a market.
  • They make you the pioneer in an area, serving what no one else does.

An emerging brand also gives you the chance to work with the company’s founders – a situation you’re not likely to have with corporate giants. You can buy into a growing brand while also staking your claim in an area.

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Make Your Mark by Being Different

When you’re unique, you stand out from the crowd. No one else is like you, and even those who seem to be like you can’t do what you do nearly as well. Being different and better are huge assets in the food business because they drive the most valuable sales and marketing tool you could ask for: word of mouth.

When you and your family want to try a new restaurant, you look up the reviews. You ask people you know, including coworkers. Be unique and great, and the reviews will come in by the hundreds or even thousands within a short amount of time.

Being unique and delivering great food and service in the restaurant business is how you earn strong reviews on the sites we all rely on: Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor.

To be part of a restaurant offering that feels new and fresh, it helps to know how to spot a unique opportunity.

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Open a Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom

With Smokin’ Oak Pizza, we’ve combined fast-casual with a sit-down dining experience. Pizza and beer are a winning combination for diners of all types. At Smokin’ Oak Pizza, we’ve taken this to a new level.

We combine exceptional wood-fired pizza with a self-pour taproom for an experience no one else can match. We’ve spent years creating and refining our franchise concept so that it attracts loyal local customers and those visiting the area on vacation or a business trip. 

We’ve also streamlined the operations process so that you’re not stressing about managing your location. You’re just focused on making customers happy by delivering a great product.

Our dough recipe, menu, and a proven system of efficient operations empower our franchisees to lead a winning business. The proof is in the satisfied customers who in turn bring significant profits.

We treat our franchise owners like family. We understand that a successful business relationship is based upon meeting the needs of our franchisees. That’s why we give you the time, training, and resources you need to succeed. We care so much about our brand that we carefully review every person and group that wants to work with us. If you’re serious about long-term success, this should be welcome information. 

Not everyone is right for the restaurant business. Only some go into it with the motivations and abilities that can make their location a success. We’ve developed the Smokin’ Oak Pizza brand for long-term success, and we look forward to working with those – perhaps you – who are ready to continue this journey with us.