What Makes New Food Franchises a Smart Investment?

When thinking about investing in a restaurant or fast-food franchise, you may first consider the franchises you see every day: McDonald’s, Dunkin’, Domino’s Pizza or Jimmy John’s. These are big, mature brands that have ingrained themselves into popular culture over many years by providing predictable fare that the masses want. It’s been a successful strategy, but a note of caution.

When these common brands overload the market, the chance for business success diminishes. As you get more and more burger joints competing for the local dollar, each slice of the financial pie gets thinner. Too many locations within an area can lead to franchises competing with themselves. The price of convenience for the customer is possibly lower revenue for you as a business owner.

With new food franchises, you have some advantages over the mainstays that have multiple locations and pop up every few miles along a commute. Here are a few reasons to consider relatively new food franchises to be a great opportunity.

Being unique is powerful branding

A brand-new franchise stands out by virtue of being different. It tempts a wide array of people looking to please their palates in a fresh way, and it offers a new hangout possibility. The uniqueness touches several areas – how it looks, the ambiance, what it serves, its location – to create a restaurant experience that appeals to every demographic.

Greater availability in certain areas

Because of factors like local rules or saturation of the market, it’s not always possible to add a new location of a well-established franchise. These obstacles often won’t apply to a restaurant that is new or relatively new to an area. 

Appealing to the local market

As we noted in our article on unique franchise opportunities, a new concept can be just what the residents of a city or region want. Do a little research on types of restaurants that are popular in your area. Which places get people talking?

Smokin’ Oak Pizza is the right food franchise for any location

Pizza and beer are a winning combination for diners of all types. With our self-pour taproom wall, Smokin’ Oak Pizza has taken this to a new level of quality and experience, one that invites guests to return and try new flavor combinations.

The years we’ve spent crafting our dough recipe, menu, and a proven system of operations have paid off with the efficient processes that leave satisfied customers and empower happy franchisees.

We treat our franchise owners like family because we understand that a successful business relationship is based upon meeting your needs and goals. We will give you the time, training, and resources you need to succeed.

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