Making Sense of Available Franchise Opportunities

The big, well-known franchises may seem like sure bets as business ventures. And they can be if the concept is available to franchise in your area and the local market isn’t already saturated.

As you actively research franchise opportunities, keep in mind that some franchises can’t sell any more locations in a certain area. Look for those opportunities where additional openings are possible and the geographic area isn’t overloaded with the same brand.

Types of franchise territories

Many franchises sell rights to geographic areas. Once that area has been claimed by franchisees, it can’t be claimed by another. These rules protect franchisees so they have a better likelihood of success. Here are the  types of franchise territories

  • Exclusive. This means another franchisee cannot open a location in your exclusive territory. It may also mean that you can open more franchises in your territory as long as you’re meeting the obligations you agreed with your franchisor.
  • Protected. In this situation, a franchisee starts out as the only one within a certain geographic area. It stays that way until another franchisee is allowed to open another location close to yours but still outside your protected territory. Check your agreement with the franchisor so a nearby opening doesn’t catch you by surprise.

Compare franchise opportunities

Some franchises, especially the big ones, will have dozens of locations within a small geographic region. Go ahead – look up the first major franchise you can think of on your map app and see how many pop up. Because of how much they’ve dominated each market, it’s much harder to find an opportunity for a new location, let alone one that isn’t already encroached upon by the same franchise, all competing for the same customers.

Make your mark with Smokin’ Oak Pizza

Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom is a proven concept that builds a loyal customer base of people who come back again and again. We emphasize the unique nature of the Smokin’ Oak Pizza experience: artisanal pizza and a self-pour taproom. But that doesn’t mean you’re catering to a niche market. Pizza and craft beer have mass appeal. We do it better and in a way that’s different from the rest. With Smokin’ Oak Pizza, you’re capturing those who appreciate an urban and rustic ambiance where they dine.

At Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom, we treat our franchise owners like family. We understand that a successful business relationship is based upon meeting the needs of our franchisees. That’s why we give you the time, training, and resources you need to succeed.To learn more about making a mark in your area and owning a Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom location, complete our Initial Inquiry Form and we’ll follow up with more information.