Wood-Fired Pizza Takeout and Delivery Only

Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza, the fastest growing wood-fired pizza franchise in the US, has four different concepts in which we bring wood-fired pizza, sandwiches, salads and desserts to our Guests.

With a mission to bring our wood-fired pizza to Guests wherever they are and in the manner in which they choose, we’ve launched a Take-Out and Delivery Only model.  The concept, which requires only 600 – 800 square feet (compared to approximately 2,000 square feet for our core model) is ideal for the Franchisee who is focused on reducing their initial investment yet still focused on providing an amazing experience for Guests through channels besides in-room dining.

Guests are able to order pizzas in a variety of different ways.  They can place an order online through our website or call in an order.  If they choose to eat at home, they are able to use a variety of third party delivery companies such as DoorDash and GrubHub.  Limited locations will have outside seating if a Guest decides to eat their pizza on premises.

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The site selection process for the delivery and take-out model is quite different than the process for selecting the site for a core model or Taproom model restaurant.  Because the take-out and delivery model only restaurant does not require an “A+” real estate location and does not rely on heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic, it can be located in an area where the rent is generally less expensive but in a building that can still be easily accessed, with parking spots designated for those picking up their pizza.  This will drive down the running monthly expenses for the restaurant. This concept instead relies on an intense marketing effort to drive Guests to order online through the website or through third party delivery sites.

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The Initial Investment Range for a take-out and delivery only concept is ideal for the Franchisee who is committed to bringing amazing wood-fired pizza to their community at a lower investment level.  Because there is no dining room and little need to make the inside of the restaurant aesthetically pleasing, the investment is primarily in the kitchen equipment and the build out cost for a 600 – 800 square foot space.  The Initial Investment Range is $150,000 – $250,000 with the range driven by the historical use of the space, such as whether there is a grease trap and adequate electrical in place.

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The take-out and delivery concept model is ideal when paired with the Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza Food Truck, which ideally will sit in the parking lot next to the building to build further brand awareness of the concept in the community.

When their pizza is ready, we bring the pizza to the Guest at their table and always check back to make sure they’re having a great experience.

In addition to dining in, we offer a variety of different dining options, including online and telephone orders, in-store to-go orders, curbside pick-up and delivery through 3rd party delivery services.

When searching for a location, we firmly believe in the “Work, Live and Play” model.  Our focus is on a location where there are offices (for the lunch crowd), where people live (for dinner) and where they shop (when people are looking for a quick bite out). The ideal location for the core restaurant model is in a strip mall, preferably the endcap space so there is the possibility of a patio.  Ample parking is important, ideally with at least two designated spaces for curbside pick-up. Other important criteria for the core restaurant are a traffic count of at least 18,000 vehicles per day and 50,000 individuals living within a 5-mile radius.

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The Initial Investment Range for the ‘core’ restaurant model is between $303,000 – $682,000 as taken from our The Initial Investment includes all expenses a Franchisee would incur prior to opening their Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza franchise, including the cost of the build out, the complete equipment package, furniture and fixtures, architect’s fees, attorney’s fees, the franchise fee and cash and to make sure they have some cash on hand on day one!  There is a broad range because all spaces are different.  Some Franchisee’s are fortunate to go into the perfect space that was already a restaurant and already have a grease trap and the proper electrical and HVAC for a restaurant.  Some Franchisees find a great location that was a former cell phone store and turn it into a wood-fired pizza restaurant!

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