Best Time To Open a Pizza Franchise: 7 Things Prospective Franchisees Look For

Your restaurant is the talk of the town. Business is steady and growing. The word-of-mouth brings in locals, business travelers, and vacationers.  The goal you had of working for yourself has come true.

That’s the dream. And you’re ready to make it happen. But you’re wondering if now is the right time to open a franchise. It’s true that many business owners are hesitant during uncertain economic times. But research shows intrepid entrepreneurs can not only survive uncertain economic times but thrive. 

But don’t just take our word for it… Hear from two of our successful franchises who opened during the 2020 pandemic and are continuing to serve authentic, artisan wood-fired pizza to their supportive communities today – with plans to expand!

With that in mind, no one knows exactly what the economy is going to do and how that will affect business. Evaluating the opportunity alongside the potential risk is imperative. That’s why we’re sharing seven things you should look for in a franchise before investing your savings.

Financial Security

Fast-casual restaurants are highly popular today. The ones that are franchises – a step up in quality and ambiance from the typical fast-food chain —  have been opening new locations faster than any other dining category.

Their popularity could be due to profit margins, which are the highest among food franchises. Fast-casual restaurants enjoy a 6% profit margin, which is the same as full-service restaurants and nearly three times better than the typical fast-food eatery.

By 2022, fast-casual restaurants in the U.S. took in more than $150 billion. That’s about $25 billion more than in pre-pandemic 2019. Here’s what else you should know about pizza and profits:

  • The U.S. pizza market takes in about $46.6B a year.
  • 93% of Americans eat pizza once a month
  • 42% of Americans eat pizza once a week
  • Pizza restaurants are a regular among top 10 lists of the best places to eat

Smokin’ Oak Pizza & Taproom sets you up for even more revenue because our taproom is another income stream. The choices at the tap encourage guests to stay longer and spend more. Because our operations require minimal staffing, the ROI can be strong.

Another advantage we have over our competition: our low cost of goods, which leads to a better bottom line.

Limited Risk, Maximized Opportunity

Up-and-coming franchises like Smokin’ Oak Pizza & Taproom are attractive because you:

  • Buy into a growing brand
  • Have more say when it comes to collaborating about brand decisions
  • Stake your claim within an area, with the opportunity for multiple locations

Now look at everything we’ve taken care of to reduce your risks:

  • The hard work has already been done. We’ve streamlined the operations process so that you’re not stressing about managing your location. You’re just focused on making customers happy by delivering a great dining experience.
  • The menu is ready to go. No focus groups to test. The food and drink are winners.
  • Branding elements are already set (saving cost and many trial-and-error sessions with graphic designers).
  • The furniture and equipment are mapped out. You know where everything goes and that it’s going to fit the layout.
  • An efficient staffing model. The unique layout of the restaurant allows 1-2 employees to easily manage the main area of preparation. The service areas, pizza prep, and oven are within feet of each other, making it very easy for a limited staff to work efficiently.
  • Self-pour taproom technology = no checkout line, quick service, and repeat visits.

Enjoy Sustainability

The self-pour taproom puts Smokin’ Oak Pizza – and our franchisees — in a league of our own. We can serve an audience that prefers fast-casual service as well as the guest who likes to sip, stay and socialize. 

That versatility gives us – and you – staying power. If you have any doubts, consider this:

  • Our flagship location model has been around for 14 years.
  • You get the support of an experienced business and marketing team who provides you with the time, training, and resources to succeed.
  • We treat our franchise owners like family.

You don’t even need to have opened a business before to work with us and be a success. In short, our system works – and the fact that we keep growing proves it. 

Income Replacement

You’re not going to leave one job without knowing you have the income to provide for your family and live the lifestyle you want to enjoy without worry.

You know about the healthy profit margin. Our taproom adds another revenue stream beyond the great pizza.

With our self-pour taps, diners can sample a variety of craft beers, alongside wines, ciders, and cocktails at participating locations. This interactive and super-easy experience turns customers into loyal fans of your Smokin’ Oak Pizza & Taproom location. Those fans then drive positive word of mouth and your revenue continues to grow.

Take Control of Your Destiny

If you were all about the money, you could stay in your current 9-5 making a good salary. But that salary is only as good as the position within your company – and as we all know – positions and your place within a company may never be permanent.

You’re looking for more control, and to get more, you want to have an exit plan as you transition to a full-time side hustle. 

Because Smokin’ Oak Pizza & Taproom has already created the entire business model, you can use it to confidently move into the next phase of your career. We’ve created the template; now use it to achieve your definition of freedom and wealth.

Building Your Wealth

Passive income and generational wealth are the opportunities entrepreneurs are looking for right now.

A Smokin’ Oak Pizza franchise is just that kind of opportunity. It’s one where you can pay yourself a salary while growing the business that will:

  • Gain equity through the years
  • Leave a financial legacy for your family

With proven winning operations in place, you can focus on what’s important to you — growing your personal finances.

Freedom and Flexibility

Franchise ownership gives you the financial freedom you’re looking for – but ONLY if you choose the right franchise. 

When you’re running your own Smokin’ Oak Pizza & Taproom location, you call the shots. Put the right team in place and you can have a flexible schedule that lets you work at your own pace

Join the many franchisees who are doing what they enjoy and are controlling their financial destinies. Join those launching the next great restaurant in their communities.

Fill in this brief initial inquiry form and see if Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom is right for you.