Who Is the Ideal Franchise Owner?

You’ve probably gone to your favorite chain restaurant and thought, “I could totally run this place!” Many people dream of becoming franchise owners, envisioning all of the profits and increased neighborhood standing they could achieve as a result of owning a popular local restaurant. What many people don’t realize is that owning a franchise means having a very specific skill set.

Franchises are a unique type of business model, and they require a very specific type of personality and mindset in order for them to be successful. Below are just a few of the characteristics that make some franchise owners great at what they do.

They Are Strong Leaders

Successful franchise owners are those who have strong leadership skills and can motivate a variety of employees with unique personalities to bring their best efforts to their work each and every day. A strong leader is inspirational and makes his or her employees all feel that they are part of a meaningful endeavor that is bigger than themselves and that helps make customers’ lives better. Good leaders make everyone feel included and know how to delegate authority to empower the people that work for them. They are great decision-makers who are able to quickly and clearly communicate their ideas to others. They know how to deal with everyone from the employee who empties out the trash to their guests who walk through the door.

From a marketing perspective, someone who has a demonstrated love and passion for the franchise and the people connected to it is more likely to draw customers in, increase revenues, maintain staff, and increase the likelihood of opening more locations.

They’re Willing to Roll Up Their Sleeves

One key characteristic many franchise owners have in common is that they’re willing to learn the job of every employee in their establishment. If you speak to people who own a pizza franchise, you’ll quickly realize that they know how to do everything from sweeping the floors to making the dough to manning the cash registers. The most adaptable franchise owners are the ones who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and who are willing to help out if the need or situation calls for it. This is especially key in situations where the restaurant may be short-staffed due to people being called out sick or other situations beyond your control. Being able to keep the restaurant going means all the difference between failure and success.

They Have the Managerial Skills to Open and Oversee Multiple Locations

A franchise owner who opens more than one restaurant has more opportunities for success. Once one successful location is up and running, the hungriest and most successful franchise owners are able to identify another great potential location and ready to open their next franchise. Being able to run both locations seamlessly is a real skill that pays off extremely well when done properly.

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