Fast Casual Pizza

In 2016, the fast casual restaurant niche grew by a robust 8.1%. Fast casual pizza restaurants hold the largest slice of that pie, at 37%. It’s a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. Indeed, the consumer demand for fast casual eateries in general and fast casual pizza in particular is expected to continue to grow. Current and aspiring entrepreneurs can tap into the trend by purchasing a fast casual pizza franchise.

What exactly is a fast casual restaurant?

A fast casual restaurant isn’t fast food. It’s also not fine dining. It exists on a spectrum between the two, blending together elements of both to create something that has sparked considerable consumer demand in recent years. Like fast food, fast casual food is available quickly. Similarly, fast casual restaurants typically do not have waitstaff. However, like fine dining, fast casual restaurants are far classier than fast food, and offer high-quality, chef-prepared meals.

Why fast casual restaurants are thriving

All sorts of fast casual restaurants are thriving these days. Fast casual restaurants aren’t fast food, but they aren’t fine dining, either. They provide a pleasant middle ground between those two options. Consumers love that fast casual restaurants offer great convenience. They enjoy fast service and receive their food quickly, making these eateries a particularly good spot for a hurried weekday lunch. Despite the fact that they’re a convenient option, these restaurants are also classy, making them an ideal spot to bring a date or take the folks out for a nice meal.

Because they have elements of fine dining, customers feel like they’re treating themselves. Yet, fast casual restaurants scrap the waitstaff, which allows them to keep their prices affordable. And unlike both fine dining and fast food, fast casual restaurants offer a high degree of customization.

Why is fast casual pizza so popular?

Of all the types of fast casual restaurants that have sprung up around the country in recent years, fast casual pizza is particularly popular. Pizza has an enduring popularity, and it’s the perfect fit for the fast casual niche. It’s quick to prepare, making it ideal for fast casual eateries. Plus, it offers virtually limitless customization options. Customers can order at the counter and choose exactly the toppings they want while watching the chefs prepare their order. In addition, customers who are concerned about their health like the fact that fast casual pizza is typically prepared with fresher ingredients of a higher quality than fast food pizza.

Are you ready to own your own fast casual pizza franchise?

When you’re ready to tap into the growing fast casual restaurant trend, there’s a fast casual pizza franchise with your name on it. Unlike many other fast casual pizza brands, Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza is an established brand in a unique, wood-fired pizza niche that our customers love, with high-quality, fresh ingredients that inspire trust. Plus, our adult customers love our taprooms with their innovative self-serve stations that allow guests to enjoy craft beers, wines, and mixed cocktails.

Smokin’ Oak franchisees benefit from our proven business model, and our extensive franchisee training and support. If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, contact Smokin’ Oak today and find out how you can own your own fast casual pizza franchise.