Pizza Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

This isn’t your grandfather’s pizza anymore! The world is constantly evolving and changing, and that’s not any different for the food industry. 2019 was an amazing year for Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza, but we are excited for the things to come in 2020! Let’s go over a few of the trends in the pizza industry according to the 2020 Pizza Power Report and the ways Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza is keeping on-trend.

Keepin’ it Fresh: Fresh Ingredients and Healthy Options

The only thing frozen at Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza is the ice in your drink. We know, we’ve said it before, but we are so proud of offering fresh never-frozen toppings and ingredients in every single one of our recipes.

Offering fresh ingredients is one of the most important factors in making sure that our pizza is a step above the rest. We believe you can taste the freshness and quality ingredients, and you can always rely on getting only the freshest and highest quality ingredients at Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza.

Diet Trends: Vegan and Gluten-Free Pizza

Just a few years ago, seeing the letters GF on a menu would have been confusing to most patrons, but now a Gluten-Free diet is in the norm. Keeping a gluten-free diet is important for those with Celiac’s disease, which affects about 1% of Americans. It is also a popular dietary choice for those without Celiac’s disease, especially among professional athletes. Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza is happy to be able to offer gluten-free crust for those who choose a gluten-free lifestyle.

2019 was named year of the vegan by the Economist for a reason. Around a quarter of millennials now consider themselves vegetarian or vegan, a shocking rise from just 3.4% in 2015. Many people are choosing to go meat-free for ethical reasons, sustainability reasons, or just personal preference. No matter the reason, Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired pizza is happy to be able to provide a wide array of vegan and vegetarian options.

Providing delicious food for everyone, including people with dietary restrictions is important to us. Our goal is to accommodate as many of our customers’ needs as possible. We have delicious options for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free diets. Everyone deserves a warm environment and craft Wood-Fired pizza, no matter their dietary restrictions.  You can read more about vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian trends in our recent blog post here.

Flamin’ Hot: Wood-Fired Over Traditional Ovens

Pizza is great, but carefully crafted wood-fired pizza topped with only fresh ingredients is by far the best. The high heat in our wood-fired pizza ovens makes for faster cooking time and better crust. Toppings cook faster, retain better nutrients, and are overall boost flavor, and get that amazing smoky taste. Even heat distribution and well-trained oven operators lead to every single slice being perfectly cooked with a nice crispy crust. What’s not to love! To learn more about our wood-fired pizza crafting check out this blog.

Craft Beer and Pizza: Match-Made in Heaven

Not much sounds more relaxing than sitting down with a nice cold craft beer and a fresh wood-fired pizza. There is scientific reasoning why these two pair together perfectly, beer has an acidity that brings out the flavors of the cheese, and the yeast in both the crust and the beer makes the flavors meld together at the same time. Sometimes things that are great on their own, are even better together. We’re excited that one of our locations coming soon will offer a craft beer wall that will be a perfect match for our delicious wood-fired pizza, for more information on the artisan experience of craft beer and craft pizza together, check out our blog here.

Creative Recipes: Stepping out of that Pepperoni Box
Thinking about the average pizza party, what is likely to cross your mind is most likely plain cheese or pepperoni pizza, which is perfectly delicious, but we are seeing more wild combinations gain popularity in recent years. One of our specialty pizzas, the cyclone, features tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, jalapeño, fresh Hawaiian pineapple, crushed red pepper, and Smokin’ hot sauce (which is a ghost pepper sauce). This is just one of many fun and unique combinations of flavors that perhaps are a little out of the norm, but definitely worth giving a shot. And why stop there, make your own delicious perfect pie with any of our fresh ingredients and see what you can make up.

Overall 2019 was an amazing year for Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza, but we are so excited to keep looking forward at what this upcoming year will bring. What is the trend you look forward to trying for yourself? What else do you predict for the pizza industry in the year to come? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or anytime on our socials!

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