An Artisan Experience: Wood-Fired Pizza and Craft Beer Walls

Is there anything better than the combination of fresh wood-fired pizza and craft beer? It’s truly hard to imagine a match that tops these two delicious items together, but adding to this experience even more is the increasingly popular self-serve craft beer wall. We’re here to discuss the artistry of these two things separately and why when combined, they make a match made in foodie heaven.

Wood-Fired Pizza

At Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza we are passionate about the artistry of fresh wood-fired pizza. We believe the perfect pizza is made of fresh, never frozen, ingredients, with everything made in house and not at a factory (this even includes our sauces) and baked in a 900-degree wood-fired oven fueled by aged oak wood. These two factors are something we believe truly sets us apart from other pizza restaurants.

Why choose wood-fired pizza? The aged oak gives a unique smoky taste that is impossible to replicate! You can taste the thought and craftsmanship that has gone into every pizza. Our wood-fired pizza ovens cook at temperatures over 900 degrees, which makes for a quick cooking time along with the bold unique flavor.

Our Team Members at Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza go through vigorous training to make sure they learn to properly cook in these unique ovens, making sure all guests get the delicious pizza they came for.

Craft Beer Walls

Emerging more and more into the market, especially amongst foodie-friendly cities, are craft beer walls. If you have yet to experience a craft beer wall, it is a self-serve alcoholic beverage dispensing wall lined with a wide variety of craft beers, and also often offering some wines and ciders. There are numerous upsides to choosing to go out to an establishment that has a beer wall, some of the top reasons being freedom, no long waits for servers, and wide variety.

How do these craft beer walls work?

  • Guests (of legal drinking age!) receive a wrist-band or card for scanning when they pour their beverage.
  • They can then begin to explore the wall, browsing many options. Each tap has a digital description that includes beverage information such as the beverage name, type, brief description, price per ounce, alcohol by volume, IBU, and more. ”
  • The next step is pouring! The patron can choose to try as much or little of any beverage on the wall, though there are check-ins with the restaurant and pour ounce limits, the freedom and choice is all in the hands of the consumer.
  • Checking out is made easy! Guests are charged for what they poured and it is all itemized on their receipt. If they had purchased food or other items while using the wall it is all easily added to the same tab.

Just how popular are these beer walls? Just through the market leaders systems, iPourIt, they dispense over five million ounces a month. With the craft beer craze rapidly expanding across the country, those numbers are only expected to rise over the next few years.

The Perfect Pairing

Wood-fired pizza and craft beer are a great match, but there is actual science behind why they taste incredible together. The bitterness and acidity of beer counters the taste of cheese. Along with the incredible combination of flavors, each cheesy bite helps cleanse your palette allowing you to enjoy both flavors for an outstanding experience. The unique smokiness and cheese mixed with your choice of a craft beer will make for a fun quest to find out the perfect pizza and craft beer pairings that suit your unique tastes.

There’s something for everyone! Finding a restaurant that offers both these things together is an opportunity for a delicious experience unlike any other.