Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom Franchise

Why Own A Smokin’ Oak
Wood-Fired Pizza and Taproom Franchise

The Smokin’ Oak Taproom concept adds a new level of appeal to our original Wood-Fired Pizza franchise. We all know that pizza and beer are a winning combination for diners. In our Taproom locations, they bring out the best in each.

Pizza Franchise
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The Smokin’ Oak
Pizza Experience

Families can enjoy a wide variety of options of amazing food that they all love and can be in and out of the restaurant in a dash or slow it down and enjoy their time together.

Millennials – that ever-increasing and very important group of consumers – expect an exceptional experience when they dine out and prefer food that has artisanal roots, intense flavors and bold textures. This segment  consistently rates our product taste, quality and value an enthusiastic “two-thumbs-up.”

The Smokin' Oak Story

The Smokin’ Oak
Taproom Experience

The Taproom expands your reach by attracting adventurous palates as well as those who never knew the right pizza and craft beer could be an amazing experience – one to be enjoyed again and again!

For your customers, the Taproom Wall is another way to indulge in their sense of culinary adventure. The self-pour system is easy on your staff as it invites guests to take an exciting journey through the tasty styles on tap. Guests will love being able to sample a diverse selection of craft beers, wines, or other varietals, and you’ll love their loyalty as they return again and again to try new combinations or stick with their old standby.

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