What Makes a Good Franchisor?

A good franchisor is passionate about their business, invests in their franchisees and is fully committed to their success. When searching for the best franchise to invest in, the choice often comes down to finding the right fit between the franchisor and franchisee. Whether you’re thinking about trading your career for hands-on franchise ownership or searching for a semi-absentee opportunity, here’s what you should look for in a franchisor.

Ongoing Training and Support

Franchising involves an ongoing franchisor and franchisee relationship. Beyond initial training, a good franchisor recognizes that franchisees aren’t just a number and actively takes steps to invest in them.

Many reputable franchisors offer ongoing support, guidance, and training materials and are in tune with what the franchisee needs from the development team. If you’re searching for the perfect opportunity, choosing a franchisor with an experienced team of business, operations and marketing professionals can contribute to your long-term success.

Passionate and Practical

The best franchisors are passionate about the franchise and industry—they’re willing to go above and beyond to promote their brand message and ensure their business model is successful. Passionate franchisors not only inspire their team to invest in their product and service, but they genuinely believe in the values of their business.

At the same time, good franchisors are practical and make decisions with their franchisees in mind. Franchisors should set clear short-term and long-term goals to contribute to the success of their business.

Commitment and Adaptability

Running a business comes with challenges, risks, and tribulations. In any industry, consumer needs will change, and new trends will emerge. A good franchisor is adaptable, understanding the need for their brand and product to evolve to keep up with the latest trends and consumer demands.

On the same note, a good franchisor is fully committed to taking their business to the next level. When their franchisees face challenges, their development team is available to assist every step of the way.

Personalized Guidance

It can be challenging for franchisors to maintain a close personal relationship with every franchisee in any network. However, a good franchisor will take steps to support franchisees while maintaining personal contact with all team members.

In addition to maintaining contact, a good franchisor should not underestimate the importance of personal site visits to keep in touch, gain feedback, and see the business operate. You should feel comfortable reaching out to your franchisor for assistance in running your business.

Open Communication

As a franchisee, staying up-to-date with the latest developments is essential. Keeping an open line of communication with your franchisor enables you to learn about changes, updates, and other things that might affect your business.

Above all else, a good franchisor effectively communicates the vision for the business to the team and recognizes that communication is a two-way process.

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