What is a Tap Wall?

A tap wall embraces the magic of modern technology to elevate the customer experience. This self-serve system lets guests pour their own draft beer, wine or mixed drink at their leisure. Imagine a taproom where you can sample beverages from various taps without waiting on your server. See a seasonal microbrew that your friends rave about, but don’t want to commit to an entire pint? The beer wall offers the freedom to buy just a couple of ounces and try new products that are hard to find in the average taproom.

Craft beers — with their diverse array of aromas– can elevate food flavors, and wood-fired pizza is no exception. Beer and pizza are harmonious on so many levels, and thanks to self-serve technology, you can indulge in this foodie nirvana on your own terms and schedule.

How Does a Self-Pour Tap Wall Work?

The tap wall is a hands-on, interactive experience that encourages conversation as you compare and contrast flavor profiles and share opinions with fellow tablemates. Moreover, it’s a fun way to enjoy familiar classics and explore new brands since you only pay for what you pour.

This is how it works:

Open a tab by swiping a debit or credit card and provide your driver’s license to the cashier to scan.

You’ll then get an RFID bracelet that you can use at the tap wall to make your selections. RFIDs are automatically limited to 32 ounces of beer, 3 ounces of spirits, or 10 ounces of wine to prevent overserving.

Next comes the fun part – grab a glass and explore the diverse offerings (up to 48 taps) available. Each tap features a mini description of the beverage, including the name, origin, alcohol by volume, IBU, and price per ounce. For the uninitiated, IBU refers to the sensory bitterness of a beer, which is largely determined by the amount of hops added.

With so many tantalizing options available, you probably want to mix and match. No worries, as the 32-ounce limit adjusts automatically to the amount poured. To start your pour, simply hold your RFID bracelet up to the logo, wait for the light to turn green and pour!

Once you reach the limit on your RFID, ask a tap room attendant to reload your tab. When you’re ready to cash out, see a cashier or a tap room attendant

Pizza & Beer – Life’s Simple Pleasures

Whether it’s a hop-heavy IPA or crisp pilsner — cold beer and wood-fired pizza are a bona fide match made in heaven. Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza celebrates this perfect food and drink pairing with interactive, self-service beer walls in many of our nationwide locations.

For our guests, the self-pour taproom promises an engaging and memorable way to sample new craft ales, ciders, and varietals. For those considering a Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza franchise, a tap wall is an excellent way to avoid keg spillage, boost revenue, and attract more customers – especially those who gravitate toward experiential dining experiences.

Ready to enjoy this dynamic duo and pour your own brew? Find a Smokin’ Oak Pizza & Taproom near you!