We’re Intranet Superstars! Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza Wins 2020 Jostle Award!

We’re intranet superstars!

Yay! We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re the winner of the 2020 Jostle Award for “Most Innovative Use Case”.

What in the heck is that, you may ask?  And why is it important kind of a big deal?

Having an in-house Intranet system that is easy to use and is truly a “one-stop shop” for everything needed to successfully run a Franchise is extremely important (well, at least it is for us…we believe in embracing technology and using it to everyone’s advantage).

It was January of 2020 and we were in the midst of opening our location in Grand Junction, CO.  We had an intranet system in place…or at least, we thought we did!  When trying to assist the Franchisee quickly in finding a key piece of information, we realized that our current system made it very difficult to find, well, anything!  That was the moment we realized we need to step up our game.

After a couple of months, long nights and some martini’s as stay at home orders persisted, we came across Jostle.  Once we had the demo with their sales team, it was pretty obvious that it was the right system for us.  It blended ease of use along with the ‘right level’ of technology’ for both ourselves and our Franchise Partners.

We now have an in-house Intranet System that allows us to upload all of our documentation, operations manuals, forms, guides, training materials, and our how-to videos.  It also provides external links to key suppliers and a communication system across the organization.

In short, it’s our one stop shop for everything a Franchisee would need to get onboarded, open and manage their Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza restaurant.

These awards recognize organizations that are excelling at using their intranet to stay connected so that everyone can unite and grow together. It is the result of the collective effort of our entire organization. We’re so proud of this achievement. Congratulations and thank you to everyone!

As Matt Mongoven, CEO of Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza wrote about the decision to move to Jostle for our in-house Intranet:

“Redeveloping our in-house Intranet system with Jostle was a game-changer for us!” Our intranet is a one-stop-shop and makes onboarding Franchisees much faster. Franchisees can share best practices, and we can quickly communicate with all Franchise owners.”

This is a testimonial of all our hard work. As you all know, this past year presented many difficult challenges. Organizations relied on their intranet more than ever to stay connected, communicate critical information, sustain their workplace culture, keep employees engaged, and get work done.

We’re excited to be part of such an inspiring group—and even more excited that we’ve won!

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