Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza Ames – A Refreshed New Look

Pizza Provides Versatility

From the ingredients to the environment, eating pizza is an enjoyable versatile experience. Pizza truly brings people and families together. You could have a few pizzas delivered at home and watch a movie with friends and family. You could stop by your favorite pizza place and pick up a few pies to bring home. Better yet, you and some friends could stop at a fast-casual pizza restaurant, have a couple of drinks, and catch up after a long week.

At Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza in Ames, Iowa, we really wanted to bring that versatility to students and families alike. We feel like pizza brings together communities: sports teams, corporations, families, couples, students, organizations, and so on. Most families have at least one night a week dedicated to pizza. So we wanted to create a space where people could come and hang out, and enjoy delicious pizza prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked over an authentic fire.

An Inviting Atmosphere

This August is our SECOND Anniversary in Ames, Iowa! In the spirit of celebrating, we invested and embarked on a remodeling journey! We wanted an even more inviting atmosphere that people would want to continue to visit, and even make a tradition out of. We’ve added additional seating areas for students and families to relax and visit. These seating areas have super comfortable couches and chairs that invite guests to stay for a while.

Seating isn’t the only thing we revamped! Warm colors, interesting textures, and artisan features have been blended together to create open gathering areas and unique seating for our guests so they can enjoy delicious wood-fired pizza. While many restaurants may opt for bright colors, we wanted our space to be open and warm. Our signature warm reds and vibrant artwork speak to excitement and optimism. The unique textures and decor throughout our space showcase the materials we use to prepare and cook our menu items.

Casual Dining for All

Many pizza-focused restaurants are either dedicated to delivery or quick in and out meals. At Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza, we wanted to create an environment that allows guests to enjoy pizza in a more relaxed space. Somewhere people can get together and catch up. We’re proud to offer more than just pizza and sodas. We enjoy seeing people spend more than just a few minutes scarfing down food, people who take the time to appreciate each bite and savor the experience as a whole.

At Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza, we value authenticity and community. We start with traditional 900-degree wood-fired ovens that allow us to create the perfect pizza every time. Our fresh ingredients ensure the best taste in every bite. We welcome our local students, families, and visitors to stop in and give our signature dishes a try. Stay awhile and enjoy a fast-casual dining experience like no other in Ames, Iowa, while taking in our new look and relaxing atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you, whether for the first time or another time. We’re proudly located at 2420 Lincoln Way Suite 101, Ames, IA 50014. We’re open 11am to 9pm Monday through Friday.

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