Our Annual Pizza Box Art Contest Has Rocked!

Calling all artists!  The call was loud and clear this year as we asked anyone with artistic ability (and/ or a love of pizza to come in and pick up their blank canvas, in this case, a blank pizza box, and turn it back in with their own artistic twist.  The only response we had was, “WOW” as the boxes started coming in.

It started when we asked people on Facebook to enter our now annual Pizza Box Art Contest.  Pick up a box, decorate it, turn it back in, and we’ll select the top ones to go onto Facebook and whoever gets the most “Likes” wins a free month of pizza. The response was truly overwhelming, and to see the boxes that made it into the voting, be sure to visit our Facebook page.

The winning entry by Seth Hugghins was truly remarkable and have over 800 likes on Facebook and counting.

This was a great example of a community coming together to have some fun, be artistic, and show a mutual love for wood-fired pizza!

Seth Hugghins, proud of his winning entry and happy with his month’s worth of free pizza!