Good Times Await with a Self-Serve Beer Wall

Owning a Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza franchise comes with a lot of benefits and opportunities. There’s the instant access to an established brand, in-depth training and support, and strategic marketing assistance. Franchise owners are profiting from a growing market that continues to be in high demand: artisanal wood-fired pizza.

But what if you took the pizza franchise concept to the next level by incorporating a self-serve beer wall? It’s a proven fact that pizza + beer is an unbeatable combination that keeps the belly and taste buds happy. And when you add the self-pour factor, the taproom concept promises even more customer appeal, as well as lower labor costs and less keg waste.

No wait for beer or wine

Imagine wowing customers with a truly interactive experience where they can try some of the trendiest beers, wines, and cocktails without waiting in line. Whether it’s a Friday night, or a busy lunch hour, no one likes waiting for their drink order to arrive – especially during warmer summer months. At a Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom, your patrons can sidle up to the beer wall and pour the beverage of their choice at their leisure – how fun is that?

Unique, interactive experience for customers

Beer and pizza are quite possibly a match made in heaven, made better by the ability to pour your own and skip the lines. Your patrons will have access to dozens of craft ales and premium wines to pair with their freshly-made pie. And they will never have to wait for busy servers or bartenders. A self-serve beer wall may be new and exciting to your customers. This experience is something that is likely to be shared on social media, helping to spread the word that your restaurant is the spot to be. Since pours can be large or small, your customers can try out new breweries and brands without committing to an entire pint.

Boost revenue and prevent keg loss

With a self-serve beer wall there are no giveaways, wrong orders, or free samples being poured. Keg yields are much higher, which means a healthier, more robust, better bottom line. With its novelty, convenience, and efficiency, most restaurants report a significant increase in alcohol sales after installation. The self-serve beer wall system features a Touchless Tap Key RFID wristband that allows patrons to pour drinks without touching screens or tap handles – a crucial consideration in today’s restaurant industry.

Smart inventory

Another benefit for franchise owners is alcohol inventory control. A self-serve beer wall tells you precisely how much product is available and lets you monitor usage so you can tailor your offerings based on customer favorites. When certain beverages trend or fall out of favor, you can add or delete products on your beer menu easily.

A self-serve beer wall really lets your Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza Franchise shine in a competitive market space. Customers will love the chance to try new and different flavor combinations of pizza and beer, pizza and wine, and so much more!