Five Benefits of a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Pizza is delicious, but not all pizza is created equal. In fact, some might argue that pizza made in a wood-fired oven is the best pizza of all – and not just because of taste.

Here are the five benefits of a wood-fired pizza oven.

Fast Cooking

Pizza is a favorite food for many reasons. Beyond its cheesy goodness, people like pizza because it’s inexpensive, fast, easy, and convenient. But it doesn’t get much faster, easier, or more convenient than pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven heated to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. At such an intense heat level, a pizza can be ready in just two minutes!

Incredible Flavor

There’s no denying that wood-fired pizza ovens make pizzas taste great. The distinctive smoky flavor comes from the wood smoke emanating from the oven’s internal wood fire. Like a wood-fired grill, the smoky flavor gets baked right into the crust and toppings as the pizza cooks.

Another reason why wood-fired pizzas are so extra delicious is because of how little time they spend in the oven. Because they cook so quickly in the oven, pizza toppings retain their fresh taste. Traditional pizza ovens tend to dry out and even burn toppings if they are not carefully watched and properly timed.  Wood-fire produces a crust that is pillowy on top, chewy within, and crispy on the bottom. It’s an addictive texture that satisfies with every bite.

More Nutrition

Pizza toppings like peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach are packed with nutrients that make pizza an appealing option even to the healthiest eaters. However, vegetables will lose these nutrients if they cook too long. Because wood-fired pizza ovens get so hot and the food cooks so quickly, the nutritional properties are preserved for your benefit.

Lots of Other Uses

Wood-fired ovens aren’t just for pizza! They can be used to cook all kinds of food. What could be better than a wood-fired sandwich? Or a wood-fired apple pie? Or some delicious garlic cheese bread? From roasted vegetables and meats, wood-fired ovens inject their distinctive smoke flavor into everything that comes out of it.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainability and energy efficiency are priorities for many home cooks, restaurant chefs, and other commercial kitchen owners. And cooking with wood-fired pizza ovens is very much in line with those noble goals. Moreover, since wood ovens don’t require gas or electricity, using them helps conserve energy usage and save cost.

Experience the Difference at Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza

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