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Emails, calls and texts, oh my!  One of the questions we often get from a Franchisee is “how will you be there for me after I open my restaurant?”.  The short answer is, as often as you need one, whenever you need us. 

Since your success is our success, there is nothing more important to us than a Franchisee succeeding.  Not only have they entrusted us to show them how to open a restaurant, but they have often put a significant portion of their savings into their new venture.  We take that responsibility very seriously and want it to be a successful venture for everyone.

How we support our Franchisees after they open their doors:

  • We never leave!  Actually we do, but our corporate training team stays for a few days after the grand opening to make sure the ship is on the right course
  • Our Intranet System: Team Members will come and go.  It’s inevitable.  That’s why we’ve invested in developing an award-winning (yes, award winning…check it out here) intranet system for our Franchisees and Managers to use.  In the Intranet system, which is updated frequently, we have our Operations Manual, how-to guides, forms, training materials and our video library.  We even have a mobile app, so if there’s a need to access a video while you’re in the kitchen shucking corn, you can do it! 
  • On-Going Marketing: After your grand opening, our marketing agency works with you and us to develop the short, medium and long-term marketing goals for your restaurant, including on-going development of the brand in your market, social media strategies and engagement, and on-going graphic support.  It’s important to develop local strategies to capitalize on what is happening in your local market.
  • Refresher or New Manager Training:  again, Managers come and go as well.  You have the option of working with our corporate training team either at our corporate restaurant or at your restaurant to train your new manager to make sure they are doing everything the Smokin’ Oak way! 
  • P&L Reviews: We are happy to review your P&L every month with you.  We want to make sure that your Cost of Goods, Labor and other Expenses are on track with your annual budget.  We have the expertise to provide you with tips, guidance and even additional training modules to make sure you meet your targets.

If you’re looking for a franchise with fantastic ongoing business support, take a close look at owning a Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza franchise.