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Starting a business can be a daunting task, which is why so many people turn to franchising.  Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza has a proven operational system backed by knowledgeable and experienced founders that provide robust initial operating support.

We have developed a comprehensive Development Checklist for our Franchisees as a guide to use when opening their new Smokin’ Oak Pizza restaurant. Of course, we are there with the Franchisee every step of the way, but having a checklist is a valuable way of making sure that the Franchisee is staying on track, and ensures they know what should be done, and when, and by who.

We segment the Development Checklist into several key stages of development:


  • Upon signing of the franchise agreement:  includes setting up legal entities, bank accounts, the real estate and site selection process, picking out the right attorney for both business and lease negotiations, identify a local architect and general contractor and ensuring conversations with the tap wall company get underway if the Franchisee is opening a Taproom concept
  • 120 – 180 Days Before Opening: Training the Franchisee on the use of our Operations Manual and Intranet System, beginning to work with key vendors for large and small equipment, external signage and required licenses to operate the business
  • 60 – 120 Days Before Opening: Commencement of construction, establishing accounts with key vendors such as the food supplier, etc.; recruitment of a General Manager / Manager, kick-starting the marketing activities required for grand opening, employee policy manual, etc.  This is a busy time and there is much more!
  • 20 – 60 Days Before Opening: Finalizing the menu, equipment installation, choosing beer/ wine either in bottle or tap, installation of the POS system and confirming the grand opening date.  Again, a very busy time and there is much more happening in this time period than what is listed in this short bullet point!
  • 0 – 20 Days Before Opening: final permits, training, soft opening and grand opening!

We like to think of our Development Checklist as a “Countdown” list, or something similar to what a pilot will use when piloting a plane.  Follow the list, and you’ll have a smooth opening to your pizza restaurant.