Self-Pour Taproom

Self-Pour Technology: Redefining the Guest Experience & Operator Profitability

Self-pour technology is changing the hospitality industry. Guests are able to choose from a wide variety of beer, wine and even mixed cocktails, and then pour their own drink, from an ounce to a full pint. Higher check averages and minimal labor costs make this a win/win for the Guest and the Restaurant Operator. The use of data helps to refine the offering on the taproom wall to provide a strong Return on Investment.


GS Draft is a technology-driven company offering end-to-end services for premium draft beverage dispensing systems.

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The originator of the fast casual, wood-fired pizza concept paired with a self-pour taproom wall.

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Innovative tap wall technology for self-serve draft beer, wine, mixed drinks, and more. Pour what you want, when you want.

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Self-Serve Taprooms: Upgrading the Casual Dining Experience

Offer your guests a memorable experience and increase profitability with an all-in-one solution. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits that a self-serve taproom restaurant has to offer.

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Pizza and Beer

Pizza and beer are a classic pair.

But you’ve never had them quite like this. Our unique Taproom Wall allows our guests to choose from a rotating selection of quality craft and domestic beers, wines and mixed cocktails.  Simply start a tab, get your wristband, and visit the Taproom Wall.

Tap your wristband against the drink of your choice, and the tap will activate.  Pour an ounce to try a new drink or pour an entire pint of your favorite drink. It’s that easy!

With the selection of rotating beers, wines, and mixed cocktails, there’s bound to be one that will be your new favorite

Tap. Taste. Repeat.

Feeling like giving your pizza some company?

Good, because we weren’t content to stop with great food. That’s why we’ve added a self-serve Taproom Wall to many of our new locations. Step up to our line of taps and ponder the possibilities as you look for the right pairing with your wood-fired pizza. From light samples to full pours – the choice is yours. Beer, wine, and in some locations, mixed cocktails are available.

Start a tab at the checkout counter
Get a wristband that activates the tap
Go to the tap wall, make a selection
Pour their own in whatever amount they want
Enjoy their drink and come back for more