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Smokin' Oak Pizza Franchise adopts a model that leverages a tested and successful business approach, managed by skilled and passionate industry leaders. This enables franchisees to concentrate on their core strengths and operations, while still reaping the rewards and benefits of owning a thriving business in the competitive pizza industry.


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Our pledge is to provide you the highest level of training, ongoing support, operational knowledge and respect as you begin your journey to opening a Smokin’ Oak Pizza franchise.

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Smokin' Oak Pizza market in Clifton, CO






6.061 sq mi








Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza in Clifton, CO

Clifton is an unincorporated community in Mesa County, Colorado, United States. It is situated near the city of Grand Junction and is part of the Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistical Area. Clifton's history is closely tied to the broader development of Mesa County and the Colorado Plateau region, particularly in agriculture and mining. The community, with its modest population, offers a quieter lifestyle compared to its urban neighbor, Grand Junction. Despite being unincorporated, Clifton has its own identity and a close-knit community spirit, supported by local businesses and organizations.

Over the years, Clifton has seen steady growth, transitioning from its rural roots to a more suburban character. This growth has been driven by its affordability, scenic beauty, and proximity to outdoor recreational activities. Clifton’s residents enjoy the benefits of living near the Colorado River and the Grand Mesa, which provide ample opportunities for hiking, fishing, and camping.


Geographically, Clifton is located in the high desert region of the Colorado Plateau, characterized by a semi-arid climate. This gives rise to hot summers and cold, but not overly harsh, winters. The landscape around Clifton is notable for its striking natural beauty, including rocky outcrops, mesas, and canyons. The nearby Colorado River adds to the region’s geographical appeal, offering both recreational opportunities and a vital water source for agriculture.

The area's geography also influences the local economy, with agriculture playing a significant role. The surrounding land is conducive to fruit orchards, particularly peaches, which are a staple of the local agricultural output. Vineyards and wineries have also become prominent in the region, contributing to Clifton's growing reputation as a part of Colorado's Wine Country.


The demographic makeup of Clifton is diverse, with a significant proportion of Caucasian and Hispanic residents. This diversity is reflected in the community's cultural events and local businesses. The population is predominantly composed of families and individuals drawn by the affordable cost of living and the area's natural beauty. Employment in Clifton is largely centered around agriculture, retail, and services, with many residents commuting to nearby Grand Junction for additional employment opportunities.

Education in Clifton is served by the Mesa County Valley School District, which provides a range of educational services from elementary to high school. The community places a strong emphasis on family values, with local schools, parks, and community events playing a central role in the daily life of residents. Despite its small size, Clifton maintains a sense of community cohesion, making it a welcoming place for both long-term residents and newcomers.

Why Choose a Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza Franchise?


We’re dedicated to being the best

We combine old world baking methods with fresh quality ingredients to produce our amazing wood-fired pizza. It is admired by pizza lovers across the U.S. Fresh ingredients, never frozen is not just a motto, but our way life! We’re so fresh, we don’t have a freezer!


We are an industry innovator.

The concept was created in 2009 as an independent restaurant with an eye on expansion and franchising the model. When Smokin’ Oak Pizza began franchising in 2017, we took those 8 years of experience and injected those learnings into the franchise model.


Our Product is in demand.

The pizza industry generates over $40 billion per year in revenue. The average American eats 23 pounds of pizza every year. 93% of American eat pizza monthly and 13% of Americans say they eat pizza daily!


We have an experienced management team.

We are not only wood-fired pizza experts, but industry leaders in restaurant operations. Our seasoned management team has significant experience in human resources, employee and management development and training, product development, branding, marketing, and financial services.


We are committed to our Franchise Owners’ success.

Simply put, when our Franchisees succeed, we succeed. As part of our Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza family, you will receive comprehensive assistance and the full benefit of our management team’s extensive restaurant experience.

If you’re interested in owning a Smokin’ Oak Pizza franchise, provide us your information to schedule your initial call.