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The $46 Billion Business Opportunity

Looking for a lucrative and fulfilling way to transition into your next phase? Learn why corporate execs are becoming franchise owners.

Switching careers to become your own boss is a big transition. But it’s not impossible by any means. To become comfortable with a move like this, you need a solid plan and some solid information.

Your reasons for investing in the multibillion-dollar pizza & taproom franchise industry may be as part of a larger investing strategy or because you want more fulfilling work based around an artisanal product you can be proud of. Many of our franchise owners admit they just wanted the opportunity to move out of the office and into a business where they’re the boss. Whatever your reason, we’re here to show you why many corporate executives are becoming franchise owners looking for a unique slice of the $46 Billion pie. 

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In this eGuide We Will Cover:

How to turn franchise ownership into your office exit plan.
Reasons a well-established franchise brand is more profitable than starting from scratch.
The $40B industry opportunity a pizza & taproom franchise holds.

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