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The $79 Billion Business Opportunity

Looking to start a business that is both profitable and fulfilling? Consider becoming a restaurant franchise owner in the fast-casual pizza industry.

The fast-casual pizza industry is booming, with sales expected to reach $79.4 billion by 2025. Whether you’re looking for your next big business opportunity or you’re ready to leave the corporate world behind and take control of your financial future, fast-casual pizza franchise ownership is a great option.

The fast-casual pizza industry not only thrives in all economic climates, but is expected to grow exponentially! The right fast-casual restaurant franchise will also offer many opportunities including:

  • Simplicity of operation
  • A proven and profitable business model 
  • A strong support system
  • Abundant territory potential with the right emerging franchise brand

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In this eGuide We Will Cover:

How to turn franchise ownership into your office exit plan.
Reasons a well-established franchise brand is more profitable than starting from scratch.
The $40B industry opportunity a pizza & taproom franchise holds.

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